03 October 2011

Visit Carlsberg, Original Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Visit Carlsberg
Visit Carlsberg

Original Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Original...but seems rather simple and plain on the inside.  I'd suggest visiting for a quick walk through and a beer with some BBQ on a Sunday in the summer.  Was a bit disappointed as this wasn't what I'd expect seeing as how much I really looked forward to this.  I did manage to get a few shots on the inside so we will see how that turns out.

HDR attempt #12, me thinks.  As I have not touched photoshop in about 2 months, this proved rather interesting.  I do not feel jaded and yet I am blessed with some sort of mental clarity and stability on the methods and techniques needed to produce this.  I am perfectly well aware of how odd it is to read the "Visit Carlsberg" sign a little upside down and how skewed and distorted this frame looks, but I think that this is best to show off the #1 wide angle interior and landscape lense that I have.  My baby, Nikon's 14-24...which is definitely a girl, and daddy needs to take good care of it.  *sweat*  If only you could see the size of her bubble, and that is the single definite factor preventing others to purchase this little devil.  Despite the "Less than perfect" composition, the fantastic coincidence is that this is composed and framed perfectly according to where my icons are laid out.  *WIN*!

HDR setup is pretty simple.  The general rule is, bracket at 7 exposures when shooting into the sun.  When I did this, I ended up with the -3 and -2 extremely dark and was not needed.  I probably need to experiment with this more when I am grounded here in Malaysia before I accumulate a gagillion overly underexposed shots of the sun on my travels.  Yes, there is a technique to reduce ghosting  in moving humans.  It works best if they are all exposed evenly with the surrounding background.  Pick the highlight or over-exposed shot and then brush it over in photoshop.  Simple and clean.

For those stalkers who manage to read until the fourth paragraph, I salute your loyalty.  I am now on my second month of my 4 month break.  It will be the usual.  Travel, photography, gyming, lunch/dinner with familiar faces, shopping and getting reved up for the next half of my course.  I am currently waiting on the arrival of my new system and setup.  Decided to go with Dell's flagship and upgrading from the 24" to the 30", as they have proved that their customer service can be pushed around  ;) Bye bye, bottleneck in my workflow. No news about Nikon's highly anticipated flagship yet and their newly releases of P&S and mirriorless just wasn't worth my attention.  I have put in an order for the Really Right Stuff TVC34L...The last system support that I will ever purchase, unless someone out there comes out with some nano machine incorporated android/walking pod that will even take the shots for me while I am sleeping.

One final note: I am on the lookout for web and art designers to put a little something together for me.  Go forth and spread...the word.

Stout out.

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